Russia Sponsors Leonardo DiCaprio Anti-American Energy Propaganda Video

We’ve written extensively about hypocritical Hollywood environmentalists. The latest comes from Leonardo DiCaprio, who is out with a new fearmongering, anti-oil and gas video that appears to be partially supported by the Russian government.

The video gives production credits to the Russian television network RT America (a.k.a. Russia Today), which receives funding from the Russian government. This isn’t a big surprise. Just like oil-producing countries in the Middle East, Russia has a vested interest in stopping the American energy revolution: Russia is the world’s largest exporter of natural gas. America’s domestic energy boom, made possibly by innovations in hydraulic fracturing, threatens Russia’s grip over European gas markets.

The video was also written and presented by RT on-air personality and self-described “democratic socialist” Thom Hartmann, who recently published the alarmist tome, The Last Hours of Humanity: Warming the World to Extinction. And, the credits list contributions to the video from 16 other RT employees, including RT news director Misha Solodovnikov.

This hypocrisy is par for the course for Leo. He’s recently back from his World Cup trip to Rio aboard Emirati Sheik (and oil magnate) Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s superyacht, which best estimates assume has a fuel economy of about 1 mile per gallon. Meanwhile, his video advocates for a carbon tax, portrays the oil and gas industry as a money-eating monster, and claims that fossil fuels must be kept in the ground (evidently, for everyone except for him and his friends.) But accepting resources from a foreign country to advance its fossil fuel interests at the expense of America’s is a new low even for him.

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